Watch Imran Hashmi’s Raaz Reboot Movie Official Trailer HD Video Released

Raaz Reboot

Raaz: The untold mystery which was one of the most scaring and terrifying movie to be released in the Bollywood maintains it s legacy till now. The movie Raaz has seen 2 more squeals since then and the later parts didn’t seems to be much effective on the audience. The first part which is focusing on a girl whose house is being possessed  by a girl’s spirit who committed suicide because of his husband’s affair and not accepting it.

Raaz Reboot

The other later parts were still focusing on a girl who is somehow possessed by spirit of a girl, but in the end everything comes to a great ending in which nobody is hurt except the spirit itself. This time the movie is back with another sequel and it is looking like the movie is got some chills again and the story line is quite strong this time.

The movie which is being directed by Vikram Bhatt and written too. The movie is again starring a superstar who has given his excellent acting skills and proved them in the last 2 parts because the very first part didn’t have Emraan Hashmi in it. This time Emraan is all set to give chilling moments and thrilling suspense while trying to get hold of the Ghost.

The movie is starring two more stars as Kriti Kharbanda and Gaurav Arora as the other lead roles in the movie. The movies music is being composed by Jeet Gannguli along with duo Sangeeth Siddharth in the duo songs. A song named as ‘Sound of Raaz’ which was released on 5th July 2016 by T-series on the Youtube which was a tribute to the Tradition of haunting melodies in the old horror movies.

The movie’s trailer is getting great response and is being expected by Audience to look-out for this amazing and scaring movie this 16th Sep 2016. The movie is creating a very big suspense, because this time the story is quite interesting and movie is greatly expected.

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