Watch Indian Drama Serial Brahmarakshas 18th September 2016 Written Episode Updates


In the last episode of Brahamrakshas, the story takes a new turn when Phuli tells about the important information of Brahamrakshas to Raina. Raina confronts Apu and aimed to kill those who had killed her parents. The episode starts with Mihini asking Raina to kick the rice bowl and accepts that she is Rishab’s wife now. Raina gets agree seeing Apu there and thinks that I have to do anything to take my revenge.

She then goes to Rishab and tries to make him understand for everything. Rishab scolds her and calls her greedy. Raina says that she is ready to accept anything for her family now. Rishab gets angry and they keep on arguing with each other. On the other side, Mohini is planning to gift some jewelry to Raina. Appu thinks on at this and feels that Raina might know something about her.

In the night Raina goes to Appu’s room to find some clue but Aditya and Nalin kidnapped her thinking it was Appu. They then take her to the temple and gets shocked seeing Apu there. Apu scolds them and says not be smart in front of her. They leave and Phuli comes to Raina. She then tells her about Brahamrakshas’s book and reads it. She tells the important information to her and was unable to read the fourth page as it was half torn.

In the house Aditya and Nalin planning to grab Appu again. They then think on about Raina and says that she is becoming a great hurdle between our way. Raina comes to them and thinks about the 2 who had kidnapped her.

In today’s episode, we are going to  see Raina telling Apu’s truth to Rishab and ask him to believe her. Rishab is annoyed with her and not in a mood to believe her. Apu then comes to them and says Rishab that Raina is saying the truth and she is Brahamrakshas’s wife. Raina and Rishab look on at this. Now it will be interesting to see that what will Raina do next. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Brahahmrakshas like this.

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