Watch Kasam 21st Sep 2016 Written Episode Tanuja reveals Her Truth In Front Of Everyone


In the last episode of Kasam we had Tanuja comes to Rishi’s house and everyone gets shocked seeing her there. Tanuja can’t even get a chance to explain anything to them. The episode starts with Ahana hugging Tannu and says that she missed her a lot. She then tells her that Rishi had a strong belief and now his believe gets true. Tanuja tries to talk to her but she doesn’t even try to listen to her. She says that I will call everyone and tell them that Rishi’s believe gets true.

kasamShe then goes to call Beeji and tells her that our Tannu has come back with us. Tanuja is looking for Rishi in the house. Rishi is so much anger and looking for Tanuja everywhere. He then goes to Guljeet’s house and listens him talking to Nidhi that they will now get everything. He then goes inside and scolds them both. He grabs Guljeet and says that I will now make Tanuja out of my house. He repeatedly asks about Tanuja but Guljeet says that he really don’t know about her. Rishi then sits there and says that I will now go when I will meet her.

On the other side, Raaj and Manpreet get surprised to see Tannu there and recalls some great memory. He comes to her and says that we don’t even believe that you will come back here. Tanuja tries to explain her but they all continue sharing their memories with Tannu. Manpreet says that we all just leaving silently and Rishi don’t even smile from last 20 years. Raj says that now his happiness is back and I will tell him about you.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Tanuja confesses to everyone that she is Tanuja, not their Tannu. They all gets stunned at this and looks on. Now it will be interesting to see did they all accept her or what did Rishi do now. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Kasam like this.

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