Watch kasam Serial Online Telecast 12th October 2016 Written Episode

The last episode of Kasam starts with Malaika taking Tanuja inside and says that this is not the right way to talk now and you have to take rest. She takes Tanuja from there and Rishi looks at her. Rano is angry with this all. Then After Ahana comes to Manpreet and says that he had done a great work today. Manpreet thanks her first and then taunts her for her physic. Ahana gets angry at this and goes to talk to Beeji.

kasamMalaika talks to Tanuja and thanks for what she had done. She then sees the wounds on her hand and asks her about the same. Tanuja recalls that how Rano curses her and says that she is just a clever girl. Malaika thanks, Tanuja again and says that she had done a very great thing today for them. Tanuja asks her not to say like so and thinks on about it.

Rishi is on the terrace and thinking about the whole. Then Manpreet comes to him and tells that Ahana is torturing her. Rishi asks him to stop and says that he has a strong doubt on Tanuja. He says that Tanuja had done this all intentionally to take revenge from us. Manpreet stops him and says that Tanuja had saved us and our whole family so we should not think wrong about her. Rishi thinks on at this all.

Later on, Tanuja thinks that she can’t stay here as this all will spoil the mood of Rishi and make everyone in the house angry on her. Rano goes to Ahana and Beeji and says that she had selected Malaika for Rishi. She then starts cursing Tannu and Ahana stops her. Tanuja is thinking to go out of the house and Raaj stops her. Raaj requested her to be in the house till the matter not get solved. Tanuja agrees and comes back to home.

Rano then tells Ahana that she don’t even like Tannu and should get Rishi married to Rishi. Raaj thinks that he feel as Tanuja is Tannu. Tanuja goes to her room and talks to herself. She says that I will not go from this house if Rishi taunts me or do anything. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Kasam like this.

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