Watch ‘Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki’ 18th October 2016 Online Written Updates: Tanu Get Shot While Saving Rishi


In the last episode of Kasam, we saw that Tanuja was on the gun point of terrorist but Tanuja locked herself in a room along with Rishi. He asked Tanuja about Malaika. Everyone at home saw the news about the terrorist attack at hotel ‘Royal Darbar’ where Rishi, Tanuja, and Malaika went for a meet. Terrorists killed a lady in the hotel and made everyone captive.

They asked a water to close all doors and windows. Rishi said I’ll go and take Malaika with me, Tanuja stopped Rishi but Rishi insisted and moved out of the room. Rishi planned to go and take out Malaika from there. Rishi made some noise and terrorist came to check there. Rishi hides and police called the terrorist. They asked police for a bulletproof van. One terrorist said I am going to check washroom. He came out taking Malaika with him.


Rishi moved out to save Malaika and others. Media was there outside the hotel. Rishi removed the rope from everyone’s hand. One terrorist noticed the ringing of the phone from a room where Rishi left Tanuja. Tanuja got a call of Rano and she picked it up. Rano thought it was Malaika on the other hand and she informed that Rishi is having his marga dosh. Everyone ran away from there and Rishi was making Malaika free from the rope when terrorist started firing.

Tanuja informed Rano that Rishi will be fine and she won’t let anything happen to Rishi. Terrorists turned alerted and they started finding Rishi and Malaika.

Now in today’s episode of Kasam, we will see that Tanuja will notice Rishi at gunpoint of a terrorist. She will move to save Rishi and will make him aside. Tanuja will get shot while coming in front of the bullet. Stay tuned with us for more updates like this.

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Spoilers or Upcoming Story

Now in some next episodes of Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki, we will see that Tanuja will be taken to the hospital and Rishi will recall how Tanu gave her life for the sake of him. And just like that today, Tanuja took her life in danger for him. Rishi and Tanuja will start coming closer after this and Malaika will be annoyed on this. Malaika will be found making hurdles in Rishi and Tanuja’s bond. as Malaika is also desperate to have Rishi as her life partner thus she will make all possible efforts to make Tanuja away from Rishi.

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