Watch Krishnadasi: Aradhya Shouts For Help! 27th September 2016 Written Updates

In the last episode of Krishnadasi, we had seen that Aaba and all other in the family are waiting for Sharvani. Aaba says that we all will win today. They then see Sharvani there and welcomes her. Sharvabi enters and greets them all. She acts sweet with them and takes blessings. Bhamini and Gayatri ask her to come and Aaba apologises her for what they did with her. Sharvani lies and says that she had forgets everything now. The minister then comes to the jail and Kamli is not present there.

krishnaDamini looks for Kamli and then tells Aradhya to welcome Minister. Aradhya comes forward and do the same. She then thinks about Kamli and says that Kamli really wants to do this and don’t know where she is gone now. She then goes to look her in the jail. On the other side of the house, David says to Aaba that he had mixed the powder in the milk and marked it. Then Sharvani comes there and mixes poison in the food. She smirks and says that now there will be no hurdle in my way.

Damini comes to Minister with Ardhya and tries to convince the minister to free Ardhaya. The minister then calls Aryan and ask him to get the property paper. Aryam says that I am managing the papers. Ardhya goes inside the jail to look for Kamli and smells kerosene. Then Jailor comes there and takes her outside.

In the house Sharvani makes everyone eat poison mixed food. She smirks and confesses all her crime. Her crime is getting recorded on the phone and she smirks seeing the family coughing. She says that I will not leave you all and this is called the real revenge. She takes the phone as well and leaves from there. She then thinks to call Aryan.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Ardhya gets shocked seeing Kamli pouring the kerosene oil and ask her that what is she doing. Kamli  tells her that Sharvani tells me to do this and Aradhya gets shocked. Kamli then burns the whole place and Aradhya shouts for help. Now it will be interesting to see did Sharvani gets successful in her deeds or not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Krishnadasi like this.

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