Watch Kumkum Bhagya 18th August Episode: Pragya Goes To Studio

The show starts and we see pragya tells sarla and beeji that she can see abhi, gardens from her seat and they ask them to go to freshen up. There abhi asks robin to bring roti and praises his cooking skills. Then robin says that mam taught him that skills and abhi gets confuse that aaliya doesn’t know cooking then who taught him?

Then aaliya says that indu dasi taught him. Then he asks rraj that had he left his govt job and asks him that is he still honest? Raaj says yes. Then he asks dasi that when did she come and she says for his marriage just then dadi says she brought proposals for you and you rejected them.

kumkum bhagya

On the other side pragya dances with abhi’s rockstar toy and play with it sanam re plays….. she recalls dancing and sharing bed with him. Next morning pragya goes to office and and says good morning to abhi’s pic then manager comes and shows her office. She shows her boss’s office mr. Arun sethi .

She calls for two coffe and shows her conference room. Pragya tries to open the door but she stops saying that boss is in a meeting with new client and she unable to see aaliya as she is the client. Inside aaliya tries to convince mr arun to give more privilege to her brother abhishek mehra and he agrees. Then aaliya gets tanu’s call and she asks her to meet her.

Aaliya is about to see pragya but couldn’t and asks tanu what she was saying. Then tanu says she has an good idea but cant tell her on phone, and ask her to come her home. then aaliya puts her finger on hot tea and shouts on peon and asks who kept it here and he says new girl. She ask him to call her and he says to pragya that new client is calling her and is angry on her, then she goes.

There tanu calls her again and she says she will not leave the new girl and leaves. Pragya comes and finds her gone. Aaliya reaches tanu’s house and she shows her magazine and asks her to put it in abhi’s room so that he can remember tanu, and aaliya gets angry on her saying that the day is bad today. There beeji asks pragya about her first day in office and says it was good.

Beeji tells her that she knows abhi is recording a new song with your company and that’s why u got job here. She says yes and she can see him from her seat. Then beeji blesses her and ask her to think about marry with someone and she refuses then beeji says she is like her mother as she also refused for that.

Pragya says that she will always be of abhi and goes saying she is happy with his poster. There aaliya ask abhi to record the song soon with mr sethi as he is ready for their terms and conditions. He says that he is not yet ready but says that she is become like him money minded and they both smiles.
Precao: we will see sarla cries remebring abhi and pragya and there dadi does abhi’s aarti…..

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