Watch Mere Angne Mein 1st July Preeti Hears Conversation of Sahnti and Kaushalya

mere angne mein

Mere Angne Mein one of the loving serial of audience which got success to hold a good number of public there is no doubt the people are crazy about every single serial airs on television but some of the them are the best as we are talking about mere angne mein.

mere angne mein

You can have all the written updates here which will help you to know more about the serial and its recent story. Its not compulsory that you have to watch television to watch any serial there are option like us who provide you the full serial written story.

As we have seen many twist in the serial as the family member were not accepting her as their family. But not every thing is in peace at the home. Shivam apologies from riya and as her to forget everything he did which hurt her lots.

Another side vyom tries to scare nimmi with the fake lizard and she screamed then he told that this is fake. They start arguing and said what was that he said you always tries to be smart. She said no doubt I’m smart while having some normal fight they fall down on the bed.

Riya and shivam come back to their room riya start crying after watching her room she start scolding shivam that how dare you to do marriage again with another girl. They hugs each other and said we made our love weak and from now we promise it will not happen again.

Preeti also come to her room she was crying while recalling mohit nandu came their and said i don’t have rights to wipe your tears she got call from mohit where he was taunting her because she married with nandu. Nandu snatched the phone from here and he scolds him that don’t dare to call her again otherwise ill break your head.


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