Watch Naamkaran 14th October 2016 Written Episode Updates: Ashish Beats The Guard


In the last episode Naamkaran, we had seen that Avni hears Ashok saying to Sumi that she is illegitimate. They both then gets shocked to see Avni there. Sumi welcomes Avni and Avni says that she had come to take the keys. Sumi gives her the keys and ladoo as well. Avni thinks on and goes from there thinking about their words.

NaamkaranIn the house, Asha asks Avni that why is she silent and what is she writing. She then gets shocked to see her writing¬†illegitimate and ask what is she doing. Avni gets to stand with tears in her eyes. She asks Asha to tell that what did¬†illegitimate means. She says that I am Avni or¬†illegitimate. Asha gets shocked at this and says to her that she is a kid and she can’t understand all this.

Avni gets angry and gets out of the house. She walks on the road and thinking about the word. Neela is in her car and talking to Ashish. She tells him that she is on the way and coming back soon. Then she gets shocked to see a girl and an accident is about to happen. She gets out of the car but Avni gets to run away from there. Neela thinks on and says that the girl has a lot of pain in her eyes.

Sumi tells Asha to call Ashish. Ashish is with Neela and she takes his phone. She then tells him that she had met a girl on the road. Avni goes to some danger zone. Ashok comes back home and says to Asha that we have to file a complaint. Then Ali’s parents come to them and say that Ali is also missing. Ali goes to Avni and asks her the matter. Avni tells him the whole thing and Ali makes her laugh. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Ali and Avni go to a party and the guard is about to beat them when Ashish stops him. The reporters there starts questioning Ashish at this. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Namkaran like this.

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