Watch Naamkaran 21st September 2016 Written Episode: Aisha Says You Don’t Know About Love

Ashish thinks from twelve years he is running and now he is tired. In childhood when I used to get tired then he always put her head on his mom’s shoulder. He remembers. He types  that it was so bad phase of my life that my career was down and I gave flop pictures.  He goes and asks for Malhotra.

He says his phone never rang and he was not able to go anywhere. All his confidence went.  A man comes and asks for tea from him. Ashish says no.  He waits for Malhotra. Malhotra comes and asks why you want to meet. He says I have a good idea and you will surely like this.

Malhotra says everyone needs space in the movie. He gives Ashish some music videos and asks him to make a movie around that songs. Ashish gets sad. He takes audio cassettes and sees a sketch of eyes. He takes up that and smiles. He goes home and  Daya asks what is this. He takes that and takes to the room.

He says he did not know that She will be his main member of life. He says that was my truth. He says he didn’t want that nobody else will see that sketch then everything changed and he saw lights in eyes. He took out the typewriter and starts writing as the inspiration for painting. He made his script. A time came when he stopped. Daya asks what are you doing.

He says to meet that face became so important to him. So he went to set and asked everyone but no one told who is she. He goes to a company and asks the manager to tell the address of his girl. He says I supply artist, not inspiration. A boy comes and tells she is Asha Haider and tells about her.

He tells the house which is broken and burnt she lives there. He goes to that place. He looks from the window. Light goes and Fathima shouts what happened. Ashish comes at the door. He says he is Ashish Mehta and a director. Fathima comes and sees him. Then Asha comes. Ashish gets mesmerized by seeing her.

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