Watch Naamkaran 28th September 2016 Episode: Dayaben Makes Ashish Engaged To Neela


Daya reaches the home of Asha and Avni. She reads name board. She goes back side and sees something from Window. She looks at photos of Ashish and Avni. She becomes extremely shocked.  A taxi comes with Asha and that lady. Lady sees sonography reports of the baby. Asha says if she can ask anything.

She says why you don’t have a child. Lady changes topic that what she wants boy and girl. Lady says the baby will be opposite of Avni. Asha says thank you to Tai. Tai says no need and you should take rest. Asha goes in the home. Asha talks on the phone and says everything is fine.

Asha asks how is shooting. Ashish says he is feeling cold. Hr asks about Avni. She says she has bet her friend. Asha asks will you come. Ashish says yes definitely.  Avni sees Daya seeing from the window. She goes to her. Daya becomes shocked to see her and remembers her scene in childhood. Avni shouts mumma.

Asha asks what happened. Avni says someone was spying. Ashish says who was there. Asha says there was a lady. He asks from Avni. She says she wore blue Gujarati saree and she was breathing fastly. Ashish talks to Asha. Ashish asks Asha to go inside and lock all door and windows. Ashish thinks maa came there.

Avni asks why are you closing windows. She asks do you know that aunty. Ashish calls Daya. She did not pick his call. She drives. She starts thinking about Ashish. She thinks no one can break their rules. Hemant calls Daya and says my daughter is so lucky that she is coming to your house. Hemant says I am blessed.

Daya says I will meet you tomorrow. Ashish becomes sad and calls Daya. Hetal picks up the phone. He asks for Maa. She says she is in the room. Hetal goes to room and knocks. She tells maa is not in the room. Ashish asks to check in the bathroom. She says no she is not in. Ashish says when maa will come then inform me.

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