Watch Naamkaran 4th October 2016 Written Episode Updates: Ashish Shouts On Daya


Asha gets tensed as Ashish not reached. Asha calls Ashish but he was not in senses. Daya asks him to take the call. Asha asks where are you. Ashish says i am on way. Asha gets shocked. She asks what happened and you seems to be tensed. He handles himself and says i am tired. Asha tells Avni is asking about you and looking for you. Race starts. Ashish reaches school. Daya asks to lock the car. Everyone cheers for Ali. Alia asks Avni to say best of luck. Asha says you are not well Ashish. Ashish says i am fine. He says i am keeping phone. Alia runs.

NaamkaranAli gets tired soon and loses the race. He comes third in race. His mother becomes happy. Everyone claps. Avni’s race starts. Ali wishes her. Avni asks why are you sad mother. She says nothing you just concentrate on your race. Daya takes Ashish to hospital. Avni says i know that papa didnot come thats why you are sad. Ashish says i will come. Daya asks him to smile. Avni says he will be coming and he will be in traffic as he will never break promise. Avni goes. Hospital was decorated. Kia taunts her that now she will lose the race and her candy stick house. Asha makes video. Another side. Neela comes for engagement. Ashish looks sad. Everyone cheers for Avni
Avni looks at gate. Ashish takes ring and thinks. Avni runs. She wins the race. Everyone cheers her. Neela becomes so happy. Avni still looks at door. Asha hugs everybody. Kia says you won race but lost bet as your father didnot come. Daya feeds sweets to them. Avni thinks he broke promise. She starts crying. Principal calls Avni for medal. Ashok says he is going. Avni asks papa has not came yet. Asha gets speechless. Ali says you are becoming sad. Kia’s parents taunts Kia that she lost race and now we are insulted. Ali says see them that she is not having love after losing and you call them normal family. Kia asks Avni to bring her candy stick house. She gets shocked.

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