Watch Online Krishnadasi 28th September 2016 Episode: Aryan and Kumudnini

In the last episode of Krishanadasi, we had seen Kumudini gets to know the truth and felt shameful. The episode starts with Sharvani smirking and saying that now each hurdle of my way will get aside. She then thinks about Aryan and says that now he will come and save me for my baby. She smiles seeing Aryan’s car and ate a bite of the food. Aryan gets shocked to see the family condition and calls ambulance.

aradhyaIn the police station, Aradhya goes to call Kamli. She gets shocked seeing the kerosene and Kamli say that I had to get a work to kill you by Sharvani. Aradhya gets shocked and tries to catch her somehow. Kamli pushes her and she gets hurt then. Aradhya gets faint and the fire is being around her. In the house, Aryan is trying to wake them all but failed. Ambulance comes and takes them all to the hospital.

Kumudini felt restless and meet Kulkarni. Kulkarni tells her about everything and Kumudini gets shocked to know the truth. She says that means Ardhya loves me truly. In the hospital, Sharvani smirks and then acts in front of Aryan. She acts to be in sorrow for her baby and cries. The whole Rao family is killed and Aryan gets shocked. In the jail, the people are caring the dead bodies and Aryan come there. He sees Ardhya’s saree and thinks that she is dead.

The people take Kamli’s body and Aryan thinks that she is Aradhya. Aryan then come to Kumudini and scolds her badly. He says that all had happened what you want. Sharvani smiles and Kumudini gets stunned at this. In today’s episode, we are going to see Kumudini says to Aryan that nothing can happen to Aradhya. She then goes to the room and cries calling Aradhya. Now it will be interesting to see that did Sharvani’s reality come in front or not. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Krishnadasi like this.

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