Watch Suhani Si Ek Ladki 4th July 2016 Online Episode

suhani si ek ladki serial

As we saw the last episode of Suhani Si Ek ladki, dadi suddenly gets faint, Yuvraaj scolds Suhani and says that why did you tell everything too dadi, on this behaviour of Yuvraaj towards Suhani Sambhav got angry and think that how could he be so rude too her. But Suhani tells that she didn’t give papers to Dadi, and says that i was trying to hide them. Menka comes there and tells everything after listening to this Rags says that it’s very easy to do mistake and blame others for that. Yuvraaj warns Suhani about Dadi health.

suhani si ek ladki serial
Dadi was actually acting and then wakes up, Suhani was sad because of all this and goes outside after having all this, Pratima, Sharad ad Bhavna comes there. Pratima tells Suhani that we know you are innocent but Suhani ask them to leave from there. Yuvraaj comes to Dadi rooom and didn’t tells that he met Suhani, dadi comes from washroom and Yuvraj helps her in coming back.
Next day Menka stops Suhani from going near to Dadi but Yuvraaj says to let her go and says that Suhani wants to come by self. Dadi says that now i don’t think you will going to marry that guy and Yuvraj will not going to marry Soumya. Radhe and Rakhi tells that they have opened a creche hoping to see their lost children again.

Soumya says that don’t worry you will going to get your lost child again. When they were talking about their child Rags comes there and says that and when Menka’s baby was brought by Rags but before touching the child Rags says that first wash your hands and then try to do so.

Rakhi praise the child’s cuteness. Pratima aska not to leave Krishna to Yuvraj and give Suhani anither chance Sambhav on this writes yes and hopes Suhani to get the same answer. She asks Soumya to write yes in her answer and when confronted she tells that she is marrying for Yuvraaj’s sake to him.

Yuvraaj says that, it is becoming impossible to bear her and hopes that Sharad will going to convince her. Krishna o this says no while crying, soumya also cries and says sorry and gives the reason for their better future.
Yuvraaj tells pratima that you might now know that i just can’t do this and do tells that i don’t know that soumya too was here, but Soumya tells that nothing is like that you are thinking. Rags asks Yuvraaj about the lipstick mark on his shirt and after listening to this Suhani gets sad and cry.

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