Watch Tashan-E-Ishq 16th September 2016 Written Episode: Twinkle And Kunj Worry About Marriage


The last episode of Tashan E Ishq starts with Simple talking to Yuvi and ask about his plan for future. Yuvi says that he doesn’t have the plan for anything. He says that I will just want to get out from all this. Simple ask him for getting married to her. Yuvi says that this won’t happen and goes. Simple then goes to Twinkle and thanks her for everything. Twinkle talks about Yuvi in front of her intentionally and Simple looks on at this feeling shy.

A guy showed who’s name is Piddi and who was going to get marry with Simple before. He calls his goons and says to kidnap Simple. His goons come to Yuvi’s house but mistakenly kidnap Twinkle from there. Simple comes to everyone and tells about this. Everyone gets shocked and starts blaming each other. Kunj blames Yuvi for this and Leela blames Anita for Twinkle’s kidnapping. Simple stops them and says that she knows who had kidnapped Twinkle and where he will take her.

The goons take Twinkle to Piddi and get shocked seeing that they had kidnapped a wrong girl. Twinkle warned Piddi that he will not get spare by two men who will come to save her. Kunj, Yuvi and Simple reaches the place and starts beating the goons. Yuvi gets concerned for Simple when goons catch her and freed her from them. Twinkle starts beating Puddi and says not to take girls less. They all then went back to home. Kunj and Twinkle notice Simple spying on Yuvi in love and smiles.

In the house, everyone starts caring Twinkle and ask if she is fine. Simple then propose Yuvi for marriage saying that she will not get a guy better than him. She says that I just want to be with you as you are like me. Yuvi calls her mad and looks on when she says that she love him.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Kunj and Twinkle are sitting as bride and groom. Everyone then gets tensed when Pandit Ji doesn’t come there. Twinkle says that our marriage will happen now at any cost. Everyone looks on at her in surprise. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Tashan E Ishq like this.

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