Watch The Voice India Kids 15th October 2016 Episode Video Online Updates

The Voice India Kids

In the last episode of The Voice India kids, we had seen the family on the show of the three fantastic judges. They all gets surprised to see their family presented on the show and the show moved on a comedy track when their secrets get revealed by their families. The show was full of entertainment and many great performances by the kids.

The Voice India KidsVishwaprasad’s performance is called the highlight of the show. The show had got a lot success in its second season and created many historical episodes as well. In the last episode, we had seen judge’s family revealing their secrets. Shaan performs with his wife on a very beautiful song. The moments is the best moment of the show. We had also seen Shekhar’s younger age photo.

The show gets much popularity and highlights many great things for the audience. The little kids who perform so melodiously and are liked by the audience. Now the season is moving towards the finale in which we are going to see the two kids getting eliminating from the show this time. After today’s elimination, the kids will fight for the final round and tries to make their position in the finale.

Looking at the last episode we had seen that the 6 kids in Neeti’s team are safe. On the other side, Shaan’s and Shekhar’s team have only two contestants till now. As the show is moving forward the curiosity of knowing the winner’s name is getting more and more. It is just difficult to miss the show.

In today’s episode, we will get to know the name of those contestants who will move towards the finale and make their position in it. It will be now interesting to see that who will get eliminate today and who goes forward. Stay tuned with us and don’t miss to watch the amazing performance by the kids in The Voice India Kids.

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