Watch Thrilling Twist! Anil Kapoor’s 24 Season 2 Today’s Telecast 1st October 2016 Episode

in the last episode of 24 Season 2 we saw that the show was continued where it was left at between 5 to 6 Am and Jai, Vedanta and ATU team enters the home and see that the party is going on and everyone of them was very young. When they ask them about the approval to party here, they don’t have any warrant for the party. As Jai starts asking about the party, the girls get hopeless and ask them to wait until she calls her parents to talk to them.

When Jai gets very shocked to know that Anjali was on the other side of the phone and ask Vaidahi about her mother, Jai then tells her that her mom is killed by someone and then they tells that they have come after looking for the proofs of the murder and they ask about his father. She tells that her father has died before she got birth.

24-season-2Jai further r ask about her relative but she doesn’t have one and neither know one. Jai then ask that do you know anything about Roshan Sherchand, but she tries to go away from there and Vedanta tells that her phone is closed now. Jai got serious doubts that she is Roshan’s daughter, on this Siddharth ask about his assurance on this confirmation.

Roshan and Maddy get the goons and Maddy ask them not to use the phones here, Roshan tells them that this is going to be the last stage for our game and we don’t need to do anything further on this topic again. Antara sees the camera footage and gets very shocked, Zara tells Siddharth about the matching of the fingerprints and there are 100’s of matches there, then Siddharth ask her to filter the results by refining it with the age, status, and location and then she ask them to see if they recognize any of them.

The team of ATU was following Vaidehi all the day and was following all her activities when she calls some number which was hidden in her pocket, Mihir detects the call, Kiran Tells Siddarth that she wants to go to veer and he is alone there. Roshan ask Maddy to call her and Maddy ask him to to be mad, he also tells that every single agency is finding us right now. Jai ask Siddarth to prepare a female ATU unit and make her talk to Vaidehi.

In today’s episode, we will go to see that Zaar informs Siddarth that Vasu has taken Kiran and Siddarth scolds the agents at Park and he also call them jokers. Aditya and Prithvi get the news that Shinde died because of heart attack, then Roshan asks laid hi, and also that not to worry over this topic again and everything will go to be fine. Antra tells Prithvi that she has killed Shinde and he gets so much shocked  to listen to this, Jai and the whole team proceeds and Jai orders them not to take any action until he gives them the order to.

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