Watch Today’s Episode Ishqbaaz 10th July 2016 Om Raises Hand On His Father

ishqbaaz serial

The newly start daily soap is making huge fan following among the audience as people are liking the show because the concept of the show is also attracting the youth who don’t like serials. According To Sources there are many guys who gave the highest rating to ishqbaaz and said that they love to watch it.

ishqbaaz serial

In today’s Episode we have seen that tej says to om that the major part of the business was handling by shivaye and he wanted to be prepare that if something would happen then they have backup. The words tej said was very shocking for om he gets angry but tej was keep on telling wrong about shivaye.

As shivaye was in the hospital so tej wants to have a backup and was forcing om to take his place after him. Another side we saw that an unknown lady was injecting something in his medicine no body known about this and shivaye’s health was getting bad.

Om told tej that its enough to hear all this from you i didn’t expect this and while speaking to tej om raise hand on him. Its very clear that the bonding of tree brother is incredible so that why except these tree every one talks rudely and don’t have love for anyone.

The Serial Ishqbaaz is quiet interesting to watch for every because its having all the required thing an entertainment serial should have like Royal Life, Love Story and suspense. Its nice to know that within the very few days serial is getting high response from audience.

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