Watch Today’s Episode Kumkum Bhagya 1st July| Pragya Will Expose Tanu!

kumkum bhagya

Kumkum another daily soap which is very popular among the audience and there is no doubt all the ladies even guys too are made about this serial which airs on Zee Tv. The fact is people love to watch the love story is being showing in kumkum bhagya.

In today’s episode we have seen that prgya was telling tanu that i know you are trying me to get fall in abhi’s eyes but ill not let it happen at all in result of what you are getting fall in his eyes. Suddenly Mitali comes and ask tanu to have halwa made by her.

kumkum bhagya

Tanu was looking tensed and was thinking that tanu is surely planing to expose me in front of all. She wants me to expel from this house. In the meanwhile abhi call purab and talk about nikhil and champak whom purab call boyfriend of pragya. He says i have done all the required investigation and i have pics of them.

Abhi said find out what’s is going in nikhil’s mind and what he is planing why he is doing all this. Purab agrees for everything abhi said and he was also thinking that now nikhil will be behind the jail. Nikhil and champak meets in dark area where he gave him some money and said pack your beg and go away from.

Champak said i have a show here nikhil says don’t think anymore about show because abhi will not leave you go back to your town as soon as possible. Campak said okay ill leave for Allahabad today.

Pragya reach to doctor’s house where she meets with Doctor sheela’s daughter pari where sheela introduce her by saying that she is a rock star’s wife. After knowing this pari insist her to watch abhi’s concert but she said its very important to check DNA report but ill surely take you there in few day.s

Pragya ask doctor for the DNA test and she ask to get blood, hair and nail sample of abhi and nikhil. Pragya promised to bring sample within a week and doctor said the reports will come after 2-3 days of it. Pragya said its very important to know tanu’s truth.

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