Watch Today’s Episode Of Kumkum Bhagya 22nd September 2016: Abhi Says I Don’t Find My Fan No.1

Serial Starts When Aliya come to Tanu’s house and ask her to entertain her or do something to cheer her mood. Tanu says boyfriend turns the mood and I have told you much time to make a boyfriend. She says I have become single just because of you and now I can’t mingle with anyone.

tanuShe asks her to make a drink for her, She makes a drink cheer up her mood while thinking why she is angry I’ll have to find out. Another side Purab says to Abhi that I have become your big fan by now. Abhi says but I’m in a loss he asks what, Pragya comes there and ask what loss are you talking about.

He says forget about loss and dross Pragya to home. Pragya says no I’ll go by myself Purab say no it’s his duty to drop you at Home. Purab says it’s your last day in office and Abhi’s too Don’t know will you meet or not by now so go together.

Pragya comes in the car while thinking will we meet again or not suddenly Abhi said teach me how to do silent talk. Abhi tries to know what is her problem he asks her that what happened to you she says nothing. Abhi says I think something big is going in your mind let me know about it.

Pragya says nothing in our control we always lose the moment We want. He Says I’m a rockstar and anyone can write about me. Are you worry about that It was your last day in office and what will you tell to sarla.

He Says don’t worry about anything you will get the job just take my name in any office. He gave her number and ask her to save his number too She gets happy and he said we can talk now.


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