Watch Today’s Ishqbaaz 12th July 2016 Written Episode Updates Anika and Shivaye Meets Accidentally

ishqbaaz serial

The last episode of Ishqbaaz counts that Rudra’s friend comes to the ward and when he comes he calls Shivaya Bade Bhaiya. She asks Shivaye who is he. Rudra when sees him gets happy, They all were happy to see him there and everybody gets something to eat.

ishqbaaz serial
Shivaya and Om asks Rudra about the girl, but Rudra didn’t get which girl he is talking about. He tells him that the girl which just passes him and praises her too much in front of him. he also tells that i was so much sad because of your health and drank black coffee first time. Bua asks about where is Sahil going and while she was about to raise hand over him Anika holds it and Bua Scolds her and says her to leave her hand.

She also says that you don’t need to get in matters which are between us because he is just your brother and i’m his guardian. She also threatens to calls police and says that i will tell him everything that you’ve caused my Kidnapping. and then she leaves his hand and let them go. Shivaye asks about him getting out of jail and dadi says yes. While talking about this Rudra address the girl and Jail in the same sentence which clearly signs that he has some feeling for her, but he says that i dont’ like her.

Then they all talks about that girl and why did he named her in his sentences. Sahil tells Anika that he doesn’t want to have him food,and tells that he is in love with his classmate. Anika talks to the lawyer, he says to go to his senior, because the case is little complicated. She also says to Sahil that not to go any were, but he holds her hand and stops her from going anywhere.

She promises him that this time nothing will go wrong and she promises him that Anika gets struck in some carton box and a men who was carrying that carton box takes it to Shivaye’s room. Then she comes out of the box and says that no-one of you dare not to come to me. Shivaye’s was looking at her very shockingly and after watching her in this condition he gets very much depressed.

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