Watch Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st July Episode Ishita Raman Get Worried

yeh hai mohabbatein

There is no doubt serial yeh hai mohabbatein is getting high TRP current days. As we are seeing many twist and turn in the serial which are making people curios to watch it. You all have seen that all the mystery are solved now and every one now has come to know about ruhi too.

All the hustle are over now and serial has come to its another twist where ruhi is going to take revenge for every thing she has faced in last few years. As we say in the latest Episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein that romi was getting emotional and adi remind him to get solve every thing with his family.

yeh hai mohabbatein

It was very nice to watch all the family member were sitting together romi said sorry to his dad mr. bhalla for every thing he did in last few years. He said you the best dad ever i have given you so much pain and i regret for all the thing which hurt you.

Mr. Bhalla forgive him and they moved to have lunch. After having food they starts conversation that every thing was nice but the fun was less. Another side sharvan brought dinner voucher for amma and appa as he gave it ruhu also says that i also planed the same.

yeh hai mohabbatein 2

Ruhi said i also have a diner voucher for mom dad but i confused that which whom dad will go as he is having two choices. In all this hustle raman was getting irritate in his room while talking with ishita that why sharvan brought that passes as ruhi also got the idea to do same.

Raman said now ill have to look like I’m happy with you ill have to dance with you only to show ruhi that we are in love with each other. Another side simmi talks about raman and ishita’s date she say surely raman will fight with on date but if she will wear something se*y than he will get impress by her.

After listing all this shangun gets upset and come back to her room adi see her getting tensed and says mom I’m thinking to go somewhere out for having dinner. She didn’t want to go anywhere and said him to go his friend.


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