Wendy – A Curly Horned Dinosaur Had Crown of Horns

Nearly 75 million years ago, the earth was stalked by a dinosaur called Wendy Sloboda, which is a Canadian fossil hunter.

The dinosaur was named after herself, following the dubbing of Wendiceratops pinhornesis. The find was commemorated by fixing of a tattoo of this ancient animal.

According to a paleontologist at Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, David Evans, Wendy was an eye-catching dinosaur.

Wendy has horns that are gnarly and curling forward, along the back of the frill. It also has a tall nose horn, as well as a tall nose horn.

With so many features, Wendy is one of the most ornamented dinosaurs that were previously in existence.

In the wilderness of the Southern parts of Alberta, the fossil was found in Milk River of the south of the bone-bed.

Wendy - A Curly Horned Dinosaur

At a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the fossil was found in the remote region of the Dinosaur Provincial Park, which is full of dinosaur fossils.

Around three adult and one juvenile Wendy’s fossils have been found so far. The adult measures to about 20 feet in height.

The age and the density of the bones show that Wendy existed during the Cretaceous Period. This period is the same as that of the Triceratops horridus.

Wendy is believed to have weighed more than a Porsche 911 released in 2014.

The skull ornamentation that Wendy has is found to help other dinosaurs to recognize Wendy from a distance, according to Michael Ryan, a Natural History Paleontologist.

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