‘Westworld’ The Debut Tv Series: Ratings Reports Gets Compared To Other Exceptional Series Of HBO


HBO is putting all the exceptional in front to take away all the possible viewership it can take, and with a show like Westworld, it will surely get the work done.

As the new Debut Tv series which has shown some very great and amazing work on the very first day of the premiere, while it some with a $100 million price tag too in the very first season which too is a very large number. But judging the show on the opening will not be a goof thing to do and right now it’s quite unacceptable too until the whole season which consists of around 10 episodes will going to make their way to the channel.

westworld-2But sometimes the beginning is worth celebration without worrying about the coming time, while the expected start of the show on Sunday which is just an hour long and counts more than 2 million viewers on premiere telecast alone.

The whole reports when puts forward by the Makers actually shows some very great records which combine HBO Go and HBO Now Streams, which counted around 3.3 million viewers alone.

The latter number is more telling of interest, given HBO’s moves into cable-free services, but the live tune-in does an impressive job of ranking the series among other HBO drama openers from the last five years. Across that even playing field, it ranks south of the reigning linear champ (True Detective, which took 2.33 million viewers in 2014) but far north of Vinyl.

The latter, which premiered to middling results earlier in 2016 and caused network brass to back out of a planned second season, who only attracted around 764,000 viewers.

While the idea of putting it on tune-in does a very great and amazing work as marking the great ranking of the show among the other drama series, in ten records of around five years.

So now the Westworld is going to compete for becoming the best and as the other show has shown their exceptional response on the channel this one too has to make its place in there too. So here are some of the records including the Westworld too:
HBO Drama Premieres Since 2011 (live-plus-same-day only)

1. True Detective (2014) 2.33 million
2. Game of Thrones (2011) — 2.22 million
3. The Newsroom (2012) — 2.14 million
4. Westworld (2016)— 1.96 million
5. The Leftovers (2014) 1.77 million
6. The Night Of (2016) — 774,000*
7. Vinyl (2016) — 764,000.
The Westworld has got some very great critical acclaim on the very premiere episode, so it will going to take a lot of expectations with it for the coming time.

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