‘Westworld’ Tv Series Debut: Critical Acclaims, Reviews & Response, Proves It As Awestrucking One!


The very anticipating show ‘Westworld’ which is the second Tv series being made into a movie which was made 40 years before this Tv series, while the first series didn’t get too much impressive and amazing reviews and response as this Tv series has got now.

The first premiere episode of this series was one of HBO’s biggest and most exceptional one as it got such an exceptional viewership which even surpasses the most watched show Game of Thrones and the another most amazing show ‘True Detective’ and also marks the milestone of becoming the biggest series debut in three years.


While the core of the show is not changed even a bit, the state of art androids stays the same as it was in the last series, where human customers come to get their wild west fantasies filled, while interacting with the cyborg locals, where most of them come to fulfill their actually very wild fantasies which end up having $ex with them or kills them or even both.

The whole scenario goes on until the end of the holiday and then they all are repaired for the next batch of visitors. The whole series looks like somewhat like the ‘Jurassic Park’ where people comes and have the best time of their life until everything is going great but the lacking of dangers might still be overlooked at all.

The only thing which is different is that here are robots in cowboy outfits and traditional hats in the pace of Dinosaurs.

The Theme behind the host is that the Westworld lives on people’s continuous visiting the park where the robots entertains them and to make sure no one gets bored they are updated every time with new gestures, backstories, and emotions, while they are not allowed to reveal their grease behind their faces which keep them working and the tech are so much upgraded that no one will let anyone know that they are not actually Human!

The series actually took away the fear of the show makers as the ending of the very known series Game of Thrones.

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