What Is “Westworld” & Why It Has Become The Best Tv Series Right Now?


The one of the latest series ‘Westworld’ which is having its debut series on the HBO is getting a great response while having the most of the viewership and audience exceptional response.

westworld-2-2The show which is based on one the most famous science fiction movie of 70’s which also created a very strange race and shows the future of human entertainment and also Issac Asimov’s statement about robot’s fiction worth attention. Issac was very renown writer when it comes to writing about modern root stories. His collection of the collection of short fiction on robots.

The fiction were divided into basically two group and the first fiction puts light on how the robot’s as a menacing story in which robots turns into violent towards the human creators who are serving as dark warnings about the perils of scientific overreach and the other was about the robots as pathos story and in that fiction he focuses on how humans will going to put robots for their entertainment use and upon the cruel human thing.

westworld-1But none of the above were in the mind of Asimov when he turns down to create a story while marking very little similarities from the second categories he invents the third fiction in which the robots are put to use by the government under strict supervision and they are also under some very tough rules which will go to stop them turning into a human-harming machines and stay always for human entertainment interest.

But as the time passes he turns down all the tables over the topic robots and even emerges this whole scenario with a word ‘Robotics’. The original story which was about robots as the part of a human entertainment or a park which is filled with robots suddenly turns into a major malfunction which becomes the worst nightmare for humans as they start to end them.

The HBO version of this story turns down all the three points of Asimov’s fiction in which robots merely thinks that they are only for the amusement of humans. The whole story of the series turns major assumptions and speculations for this debuting tv series which will go to put-up the different aspects of robots in front of humans.

But a very long time before the premiere of Tv series of these killer robots series there were many expectations for the show which is duly met by the makers of the show.

While as Jeffrey Wright, who is one of the major leads of the show has made the audience ‘most of’ to watch the series, as he is one of the finest and awesome actor right now after showing his exception in many of the movies and as he is coming back with a series he must have some very great plans to put on the series.

So this new Tv series seems to have so many questions o reveal in the upcoming episodes.

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