Whatsapp Update: Whatsapp To Share Your Data With Facebook

Whatsapp Update: Whatsapp To Share Your Data With Facebook

One of the biggest social platform and connectivity stage for the whole world and the biggest thing is that it is totally free. ‘Whatsapp’ which is known to be as one of the fastest and most biggest network app which is used by people in now-a-days. The app which was first developed and created by Brian Acton and Jan Koum who was former employees of Yahoo. Whatsapp is basically a proprietary, cross-platform which is encrypted for instant messaging client for smartphones. The only way through it works is working internet and is capable of sending text messages, documents, images, videos and even the audio messages with location. The platform is one of the biggest because of more than one billion users currently engaged on it, which shows the popularity and glory of this app.

Whatsapp Update: Whatsapp To Share Your Data With Facebook

The ‘Whatsapp’ was later acquired by ‘Facebook’ on 19 Feb, 2014 which is another social platform which is another most popular and world’s biggest platform right now. The deal was done for almost US $19.3 billion. The recent latest news about Whatsapp is that it has won lots of praises and appreciation when it decided to make its services fully encrypted, but another news also saddens the users which is related to the privacy of the users.

The update is that Whatsapp will going to share you number if you use whatsapp. The latest blogpost by the Whatsapp has highlighted a number of changes in the interface, which also highlights the point of sharing number over facebook, the decision was taken to provide the user n facebook with better friend suggestions.

The reason which was given by officials is that this changes will going to provide us with more better information so that the user will be provided with better suggestions and also to fight spam and abuse across the services and experience will be better and the best. This update will be started after the user will going to allow the updated terms and privacy policy.

The platform will be accessible to provide your friends and connections with the verified number by you, some account information and last seen by you. Apart from this it will also go to bring ads to the platform, but the ads are not regular or the banner ads but the ads will be those which is already known by you or you have searched about it anywhere.

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