‘Who Escaped Hell’ Latest Promo Trailer: ‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Upcoming Episodes Titles Revealed By FOX


The amazing American Drama Tv serial which is having most of the viewership among all the channels and serials The show Lucifer has known to be one of the biggest and most watched series which is premiered on Fox, the ver first premiere on 25 January 2016. Neill Gaiman, Sam Keith and Mike Grunberg is having the lead roles in the serial while the series is being taken from ‘The Sandman’.

The book too got a very impressive and amazing response but the Tv series got a much better response, Mike Carrey got the fortune to write this amazing story for a comic book series which is published by both DC comics and Vertigo imprint. The second season is on the go and will go to premiere the very first episode on 19 September 2016. The main lead of the show which is Lucifer Morningstar, who is basically the lord of hell but got off the thrown because he was not happy and was bored of his daily deeds. The other reason which is better then the first one is that he is so much into the shining life of Los Angeles that there is nothing better than him for living life there.

LuciferHe now runs a piano bar in Los Angeles which is named as ‘The Lux’ with his friend Ally Mazikeen. Later he was involved with the LAPD that he starts assisting with Chloe Decker, an official from the LAPD in punishing those criminals after which they both are running for a very long time.

There are certain speculations which is on the buzz right now regarding all the characters of the show but the biggest thing which is making way towards the audience is that Tricia Helfer had been cast as the Lucifer’s mother who has been long lost and will go to make her comeback through this 2nd series.

The other cast which is cast in this season is Aimee Garcia is going to be the regular character as L.A.P.D’s forensic scientist Ella Lopez, and another character is announced by executive producer Ildy Modrovich of Michael Imperioli as the angel Uriel, Amenadiel and Lucifer’s middle brother who is having a chip on his left shoulder. The show’s trailer and teasers are gradually making ways towards viewers while making them more and more eager for the upcoming telecast of the serial.


Below is the Trailer “Who Escapes Hell”

The last season has shown a very strong viewership and this time, the expectations are quite higher than before, comic-con too got an impressive response on this season’s expectations and statements by the officials of FOX regarding the serial. Warner Bros. Televisions are marking good success and reviews by the audience for the upcoming season. The new teaser by the FOX is featuring ‘Who Escaped Hell’, has started to create more curiosity among the viewers

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