Who Won! “Google Pixel & Pixel XL” VS “Apple iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus”: Full Specs, Features & Price Comparison


This might be one of the latest started war between two of the biggest gadget producers and creaters. The new fight which has started between Google and Apple because of their latest launched smartphones Google Pixel & Pixel XL and the Apple iPhone 7 and the fight has become more and more intresting with time and users reviews for the devices.

While the pixel and Pixel XL have almost same specifications and features, Apple has tried his best to take down all the smartphones including the upcoming ones too. now the fight has taken a serious form and below is the symptoms and circumstances of the fight.

iPhone 7 chargergoogle-pixel

So the very first thing on which the smartphones has done exceptional comparison is the built and while Apple iPhone 7 is quite wider and bigger than the Pixel:

1. While the Apple measures around 158*78*7.3 and Pixel is standing on the thinner side with 155*76*7.3 measures, This clearly announces Apple as the winner in size.

2.Now the Weight, While the iPhone just got the heavier side in this manner and weighing around 11% more than the Pixel and that is not enough to make a very big difference in this fight, but the difference is the difference. Apple iPhone 7 weighs around 188g while Pixel weighs around 168g.

3. There are not the very big difference in the build of the smartphones just like as the phones don’t push any such new upgrade when it comes to construction, while they are both made with Streamlined Aluminium unibody.

4. Now comes the availability of colour, as the Pixel is available in only three colours and they are Black, Silver, and Blue while the Appl iPhone 7 is available in Black, Jet Black, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and this makes the device quite comfortable for the user to have their own choice of colour.

5. Now comes the fight under water, As iPhone 7 is able to take down to Pixel one because of its IP67 ratings which mean that it can withstand immersion in up to one meter of water and for almost 30 minutes but this is what makes the Pixel lack behind in this race.

6. Bothe the phones have the same display size of 5.5 inches.

i-vs-pixel-27. The Display resolution of the device is the next battleground and as the Pixel XL display had more pixels and having a pixel density of around 28% greater than the iPhone 7 Plus display, which make the Pixel take down the fight of pixels. The resolution of Pixel is around 2560*1440 534 ppi, while the Apple iPhone 7 has only 11920*1080 401 ppi and Apple is having IPS technology display while the google follows the AMOLED for its true and saturated colors.

8. One more point which Apple is marking its success than any other developers of the smartphone is that the iPhone 7 is having a pressure sensitive display which will provide the user with more the interaction with the device and make it look much more attractive.

9. The makers of both the phones are very exceptional while the iPhone 7 is having a camera pixel of around 12Mp and the front camera is of 7MP and Google Pixel is having 12 MP rear and 8MP of front camera, and in this fight, Pixel takes down the iPhone 7 in terms os Megapixels.

iPhone 710 Now the very new type of fight which has been started by Apple and that is the The iPhone 7 Plus has a killer camera feature that the Pixel XL does not: a dual-lens rear camera that enables 2x optical zoom and increased digital zoom and this is exceptionally created more effective with Optical Image Stabilization or the OIS which is one of the latest upgrade being provided by Apple for taking pictures even when the camera is not still and adds up to the low-light shooting arsenal.

google-pixel11. The Pixel is having an enormous 3,450 mAh battery which allows it to have a talk time of 32 hours or 14 hours of pure internet experience and while the Apple iPhone 7 has a 2,900mAh battery which allows it to fight for almost 21 hours of talk time or 13 hours of internet use.

12. Charging: a) The Pixel can get up to 7 hours f use from a 15-minutes charge and iPhone 7 is not so much caring in this case.
b) While none of the devices is available for wireless charging.

13. Processor: The Google Pixel has a Snapdragon 821 quadcore 2.15Ghz while Apple iPhone 7 has A10 Fusion quad-core 2.3GHz processor and the as Pixel is having a 4GB RAM while iPhone 7 has only 3GB of RAM and this makes the iPhone 7 lacks in this case.

14. While in the storage both the devices are giving away 32 and 128 GB of memory but the iPhone has won many hearts by giving away 256GB of internal storage which is quite exceptional for many guys.

15. While there is no scope for Apple iPhone 7 for VR, the Google Pixel has won this race with Virtual Reality VR headsets available.

16. The latest removal of headphone jack from the iPhone 7 is what makes it lacking in many cases but as this is a whole new upgrade in the market the iPhone 7 is still in the notes to get the reviews from the users for their experiment success.

17. Both the Smartphone have fingerprints scanner and this is quite good for both phones.

18. The Google Pixel is running on Google Assistant for the Virtual assistant while the iPhone 7 is the Siri in this case.

19. Operating system on both the phones is just exceptional while the Apple iPhone 7 I having the latest update of iOS 10, while the Google Pixel has to the 7.0 Nougat update from the Android

20 The biggest thing is the both the smartphones is available in the same price and the price is $769.

So, guys, it’s on you to have your hands on the best of the smartphone in this biggest race between Google and Apple.

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