Wi-fi signal can be used to count people

Scientists have revealed that wifi signals can be used to count the number of people in a given space, according to a report on Zee News dated June 10, 2015.

1. Wi-Fi signals can be used for counting the number of people in a space, and researchers now believe that the new find can help in creating varied range of applications.

2. One of the most genuine applications can be energy efficiency for operations related search-and-rescue.

Wi-Fi signals

3. According to the researchers of University of California-Santa Barbara, Wi-Fi signals can actually do much more than just providing internet for masses, a report on Hindu said.

4. A researcher from the team, Yasamin Mostofi, said that the new approach can estimate the total number of people walking in an area, depending on the power measurements, which is received by a Wi-Fi Link.

5. What makes this approach worthy is the fact that the number of people can be counted, even if people don’t have Wi-Fi enabled devices. The researchers had used two Wi-Fi cards for a set target of people on two different sides.

6. It was found that using the technique of checking power measurements of the link, between the two opposite side cards, the number of people can be counted. The researchers tested the approach successfully in both indoor and outdoor with a maximum of nine people.

7. The signal is also scattered by human bodies, which is also known as multi-path fading phenomenon. The researchers have used the approach and developed a “probabilistic mathematical framework”.

8. The new finding can also help in other things, like designing smart buildings, where the air conditioning and other things like heating can be adjusted, after knowing the number of people in the room.

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