WikiLeaks newly released millions of emails could trouble world governments

On July 11, 2015, it was made public that over 400-gigabyte of internal data was stolen through a major cyber-attack on the software firm Hacking Team by WikiLeaks.

These emails and code could eventually mean serious vexation in the nose of some of the major world governments.

According to the reports, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had paid a total amount of $800,000 to install software and enhancements to the Galileo Remote Control System.

This software allows users to hack secretly into private computer systems affecting desktops, intercepting mobile calls, keeping an eye on files as well as spy on electronic mails.

wikileaks emails 2015

Users just have to go to a website or application, which allows the Galileo RCS to access all their files and folders.

In an email sent in February 2014, the chief executive of Hacking Team’s office in Singapore refers to RAW, IB , National Investigation Agency, and National Technical Research Organization as “customers”.

This indicates the possibility of these organisations already utilising the company’s services. United Kingdom’s local Staffordshire Police is also in the limelight for the same.

The leaked documents also reveal that Hacking Team’s clients also house the number of Mexican government agencies.

However, the country’s national police and the Mexico Navy accounts appear to have been “expired” on the hacked files.

With this tremendous amount of data leaked to the public by WikiLeaks, it is surely going to jeopardise the world government.

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