Will Pragya Get His Love Back? Kumkum Bhagya Latest {Spoiler} & Upcoming Updates


The moment for which we all are waiting for is now going to come soon. In Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi is going to confess his love for Pragya. Before this, we had seen Abhi meets an accident and by that, he lost his memory of 2.5 years.

By this, he had forgotten his marriage with Pragya and now living a life as before. The episode is now revolving around them both and the viewers are waiting for their jobs to get unite soon. In the going episodes we are watching Pragya meets Abhi working in his company and they both become like friends after that. Tannu and Aaliyah had become the enemy of Pragya again and planning to separate her from Abhi. This is just as before.

yeh-hai-mohabbateinWe had also seen Pragya losing her job and Abhi takes her to his house and introduces her to the family. Dadi and everyone gets shocked to see Pragya in the house.

Aaliyah and Tannu are equally shocked and gets fume at her. We are later gonna see that Abhi goes to a party and gets drunk. He is that drunk that he can’t even get stand upright. Pragya comes there and caresses him.

She then takes him to the house and he felt dizzy there. Pragya come close to him while making him lie on the bed and Abhi confess his love to her. Pragya gets shocked at this and looks on at him.

This will now go to work as the charging theme for the show. The serial will now accept to get huge success with their unite and will surely going to do great. Now it will be interesting to see that what new spice did the makers add to the story. Stay tuned with us for more updates and entertainment news like this.

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