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Wish You Happy Breakup

Everyone must have gone through break-ups but some people gets through it very easily and changed their life or become a good person and some people becomes the worst and start destroying their lives. The movie ‘Wish You Happy Breakup’ is one of its type movie which is based on an amazing story and the whole story is interpreted very perfectly.

Wish You Happy Breakup

The movie which is based on the simple life of a teenager who is recently gone through a break-up but he is trying his best to come out of it, but one day when he tries to commit suicide, he gets a call from his friend who calls him for something amazing and shows him something which is too much impressive before he commits suicide. The video changed him thoroughly and his mindset too, while he changes totally because of this video he gets another girl in his life which changes his life.

The movie is having a very great cast which counts Udai Khan, Tejaswi Madivada, Tejaswi is one of the finest actors of Telugu industry and has already given many successful movies while marking his great experience in the movies industry, Swetha Verma, Deva Malishetty, Kirthi Kumar, Ravi Kamath, Sreyesh Nimmagadda and Manikanta Sunni. All these actors whether lead or supporting actors, have shown their best acting skills and given their amazing performance in the movie.

The movie is being directed by Kiran Rao Paruvella, he is also the writer of the movie, Parag Chhabra has given the soundtracks and music for the movie while Seshu Kmr has given his exceptional experience through his music in the movie. The movie is somehow filled with an amazing story which is being really liked by the people and audience too.

The movie has got amazing reviews from the viewers of the movie while the critics have given their great reviews too, the movie got impressive and lovely reviews from the audience who have seen this movie today. The movie is having a great competition with Eedu Gold Ehe movie, Mental movie, and Jyo Achyutananda movie. All the movies have a great buzz around the industry and will go to have a very big face-off on the box office.

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