Woman Found Dead at Midlothian Church; Texas Police hunting for suspect

A man wearing tactical clothing was seen near the crime scene and is being hunted by the Texas police. He is believed to be the prime suspect of the woman who was found dead at the Creekside Church in Midlothian early Monday.

The 45-year old victim was named Terry “Missy” Bevers. According to the local authorities, Missy arrived at the church around 4:00 a.m. in preparation for the “Camp Gladiator” class.

This was the boot camp class that she taught. It was supposed to be an outdoor activity, but the area was affected by a storm thus they were forced to have the class inside.

Students were surprised to see Bevers unresponsive when they arrived the premise around 5 in the morning. They immediately called 911 for help. It was believed that a struggle took place since there were broken glasses and other signs of physical damage throughout the area.

The police report indicated that there were visible signs of forced entry. Unfortunately, nothing else was found in the building aside from the footage recorded from the surveillance camera. That footage showed a man entering the crime scene before Bevers did.

Based on the report stated by Police Chief Carl Smith during a press conference, the man looked like he was wearing a tactical helmet with gloves and dark vest with a “POLICE” name on it. The suspect may have planned to disguise as a police officer.

Cameras were not able to capture any interaction between the victim and the suspect that’s why a lot of theories exist regarding the motive of the crime. The police think that Missy might have tried to stop a burglary that was in progress but authorities are still considering other scenarios.

The former police officer Pete Schulte believes that the crime was actually a planned one since nothing was stolen during the alleged burglary.

Schulte stated that it was not the usual theft. “If somebody’s going to try to burglarize a business, they’re going to get in and get out and grab as much stuff as they want and leave”, he added.

Bevers was truly a beloved member of the community and her death was taken quite hard. Her murder was also the first in Midlothian in the past seven years. People gathered at the Midlothian Conference Center for a vigil in memory of Bevers.

Bevers, who had three children, was remembered as a loving mother as well as a loving wife.  Chad Tucker, her brother-in-law, also stated that she was dedicated to taking good care of others and herself.

Oak Farms Dairy will give a $10,000 reward to anyone who has a lead information for the suspects arrest and indictment. Just call the Midlothian Police Department at 972-775-3333.

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