‘World Anesthesia Day’ On 16th October: Know The Significance & History Behind It!


Today marks one of the most amazing days in the history as today is the ‘World Anesthesia Day’. It commemorates the first successful demonstration of the ether Anesthesia on 16 October 1846.

This day is also known as one of the most significant day or event in the history of medicine, which took place at the Massachusetts General Hospital, which is also known as the home of the Harvard School of Medicine. The day is known as one of the biggest  discovery which has made possible for patients to obtain the benefits of surgical treatment without enduring the pain which is associated because of an operation. Since then 16 October is known globally and is recognized as World Anaesthesia Day in respect of the importance of this event.

indian-anestheologistThe day is remarked as one of the biggest success in the Medical history which has made doctors accomplish their major and minor both operations without any physical problem or pain.

The discovery of Anaesthesia is quite a very big milestone in the world history. Anesthesia simply means ‘loss of sensation’, and this is also the main motive behind developing this medicine. A mixture of medications is combined to either put a patient to sleep or numb the specific pain in a specific area so that surgery can be carried out without the patient experiencing any pain.

There are two types of Anesthesia and they are General, Sedation & Regional. While the General anesthesia suppresses activity in the central nervous system, resulting in unconsciousness and total lack of sensation.

Regional anesthesia renders a larger area of body insensate. And sedation reduces irritability, which is generally used to facilitate a medical procedure or diagnostic procedure.

The World Anaesthesia Day is mostly celebrated by the anesthetists or doctors which are studying this topic. They basically organize and attend conferences, seminars, and other similar events throughout the world.

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