World Food Day 16th Oct: Themed As “Climate Change: Climate is Changing, Food and Agriculture must too!”


Today is one of the most remarkable days of the world and it is known as ‘World Food Day’ while the day is celebrated every year around the world on 16th October in honor of the date of the founding of the food and agriculture of the United Nation in 1945.

The day is celebrated with a whole lot of celebrations widely as much other organization is very much concerned with food security, which also includes the World food program and the International fund for Agriculture development.

World Food DayThe day has different themes every year while the theme which was chosen in 2014 was ‘feeding the world’ caring for the earth and it was ‘Social protection and agriculture: Breaking the Cycle Of Rural Poverty’.

The theme for this year is quite unique like the evry year and that is Climate Change:” Climate is Changing, Food and Agriculture must too, which is quite same like 2008, 2002 and of 1989 too. The day is basically celebrated as to end the major issues which are spread throughout the world and they are poverty and hunger.

The world food day is celebrated every year with different themes to focus on different and every possible problem and most of the themes revolve around agriculture because only investment in agriculture – together with support for education and health will turn this situation around.

world-food-day-3The bulk of that investment will have to come from the private sector, with public investment playing a crucial role, especially in view of its facilitating and stimulating effect on private investment. World Food Day has been a tradition in the United States since the first World Food Day in 1982.

In the United States, the endeavor is sponsored by 450 national, private voluntary organizations. So Guys celebrate this day by helping those who are unable to earn their food, try to help them and feed them with enough food.

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