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World International Translation Day

World International Translation Day is celebrated with very great festivities and celebrations as the day have a very big link to the history of Humanity and one of the very known religions of Mankind ‘Christianity’. The day is celebrated every year on 30th September as on the feast of St. Jerome, who is a very famous personality and is known as the Bible Translator and is also considered as the patron saint of Translator.

World International Translation DayThe celebrations of the day are being promoted by FIT which is known as the (International Federation Of Translator) which was set up ever since 1953. The idea of making this day official was promoted by FIT and then it got recognised as the International translation day to show the solidarity of the worldwide translation community in an effort to promote the translation profession among all the people and not only in one country but in the entire world.

This was later proposed not to celebrate not only in Christianity but in all the religions and this great opportunity to display the pride in a profession that is becoming increasingly essential in the era mod progressing globalisation throughout the world. This day is also having so many benefits as the today’s generation needs to learn more than one language or their is so much need of translator in the world right now as the globalisation is growing the need of the translators is growing with it, so this day also have connections in today’s life which makes sure that the importance of the day stays the same for everyone.

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