‘Twitter’: World’s Biggest Social Site Got Revamped Kicks Away Word Limit & Latest Updates


One of the biggest social networking site which is also having the highest number of celebrities and famous personalities than any website. The very famous Twitter has finally given the announcement and update in the social site is that the company has allowed the users through an update that they users can now write their tweets with unlimited characters.

And it has made an official statement that it was easing its 140 character limit on the tweets which is implementing a policy which is announced in May to no longer factor with some of the certain add-ons including the pictures into a message’s length. This will definitely go to increase the length and number of tweets because people will now go to have their emotions limited at all and can easily let everything out on twitter. This very famous site which is looking forward to changing the way it works and broaden its appeal however the Media attachment with the tweet such as Images, videos and emoticons or polls can also be included in the message length.

twitter-new-upgradesTwitter which is trying very hard to grow the social and user interface to the next level and will let the user’s base much stronger than the earlier. The character limit exempts from the media attachments as well as tweets that are quoted in a retweet. This update of Twitter will definitely go to put the several efforts of this social media forward to become better and bigger for the rapid growth of active users in the current trend.

Further reports have claimed that Twitter might be seeking ways to cut the very costs or even sell himself to the very known San Francisco-based service which has been adding new features to this website including the live video. Twitter has yet to post a profit, even as it has ramped up its efforts in advertising.

twitter-new-updatesThe very famous place for most of the Celebrities, superstars, Journalists and even the biggest or the smallest politician have their account on Twitter which shows the engagement of the society with this social networking site.

Twitter said the number of monthly active users has edged up to 313 million, now you can connect better and have more of your emotions on a single tweet or you can also use images and videos of your choice.


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