World’s Newest Addictive Game ‘Pokemon Go’ Is In Delhi Now: Delhi Tour Of Pokemon Go

Pokemon go in India

Pokemon one of the biggest and excited game series which is favorite of all , whether it is adults, child and elders. All love the game and enjoy it with lots of fun with the characters and the game quality.

Here’s now Pokemon had released its new game series which have a lot of fans from the day they had announced that the new Pokemon series will be release soon with a Pokemon Tournament as per the interest of the game lovers and the players. And soon the team of the game will going to enter in Delhi, India with lots of energy and with fun.

Pokemon go in India

Pokemon going to be enter with its new series on the various popular venues of Delhi where people can actually feels the reality of the game and the characters which are present in it. One of the best place and the heart of Delhi, CP its Cannaught Place which is always been crowded by the people around the its iconic pillars and the various stores which are present there on that place. More of the visitors gonna see the characters and players of Pokemon Go which is the latest and the amazing one series till the day.

Here in Delhi more of the trainers  are trying to catch and seek the characters from the various popular and hit vedio games and the latest series of Pokemon was launched on 6th July 2016 worldwide and had generated a large fan following and more of the game lovers are attracted to its characters and the latest graphics series of Pokemon. The characters which are present in the game were took from the real life means and there is no imaginary world for the players.

A little far from Delhi at our place Dwarka more of the Pokestops and various character of Pokemon can be seen here like Ekans and Rattata will going to spread their reality there in between the people and few more of the character will be entertain the people. The Pokemon adventures will be continue there with the main characters of Ash, Misty and Brock at Cannaught Place and the venue for the event is selected at Burger King at 3:30PM will present there to the complete circle of Cannaught place.

The team of Pokemon had inviting all of the game lovers there in the biggest Pokemon Go walk in Delhi. So keep spreading to your friends and family for the latest and the upcoming event which is the Pokemon Go walk. Stay tuned with us for more to know about the event.

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