Written Episode Diya Aur Baati Hum 4th September 2016: Sandhya Shoots At Arpita

Commissioner goes to check his mailbox. Sandhya also reaches there and opens mailbox. She keeps papers in mailbox. Commissioner and Arpita reaches there and Commissioner opens mailbox. Arpita says how this is possible as she saw Sandhya seeing out of this room. Sandhya comes and tells she got call and we have to keep identity cards secret. Commissioner gives her id cards.

diya aur baati hum

Commissioner says there are two id cards. Arpita thinks if Sandhya would have seen id then she will says there are three id cards. But Sandhya doesn’t says anything. Arpita asks if she can come with her for security of Scientists. Commisioner shouts on Arpita and says how you thought so. Head stares at people.

Babasaa becomes restless and Bhabho and everyone asks what happened. Sooraj holds him. Om checks Babasaa. Om says his blood pressure in increasing and you should take out medicine. Sooraj goes to take medicine. Head says how dare you to stand up and you cannot go inside. He locks the door. Head says he will let him go inside only when Sandhya will kidnap those scientists.

Sandhya takes scientists and thinks she has to take them some where and she will tie them. Arpita also reaches there and thinks why Sandhya took them here and what is Sandhya gonna do. Scientists enter lodge. Those three terrorists come as scientists and puts gun on scientists. Scientist becomes scared and says what is this. Arpita sees them.

Sooraj says he will go outside and take medicine. Head says he will kill him. Sooraj doesnot stops. Head puts gun on Babasaa. He says we will play cricket and if he will win then he can go. Terrorists asks scientist to tell the way they talk and behave so that no one can doubt them.

Scientists becomes scared and say why you want to do that. Jimmy says we will kill you and just tell fast. One of the scientists says you are terrorists. Head and Sooraj plays. He makes twenty two runs and if Sooraj will make that much runs then he will go. Sooraj was not able to play.

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