Xiaomi’s Huami Launched New Fitness-Centric Smartwatch ‘ AmazeFit ‘

Xiaomi's Huami Launched New Fitness-Centric Smartwatch ' AmazeFit '

Xiaomi which is known for its excellent and exceptional creativity which is being portrayed in it’s every single updates or latest gadgets it launches. The one of the biggest and latest brand in the smartphone series has given everything to make their way to the top of the smartphone series and it is also trying its every single aspect in every single gadget which will get an impressive reaction from the users. The latest of the gadget which is being launched by Xiaomi Inc is the fitness-centric smartwatch which is given an amazing name which is ‘Amazefit’ which points the reason why this watch is made and what will go to be the function which it will go to do for the users.

Xiaomi's Huami Launched New Fitness-Centric Smartwatch ' AmazeFit '

The watch is having an amazing Ceramic blaze with a round display. There are certain claims regarding the performance and features by the Xiaomi officials, the very first and most important claim is that it will go to be with a 28nm GPS built. The waterproof resistance which is being done by IP7 certification made it much more secure in resistance case. The other specifications might be normal but the smartwatch runs on a 1.2 GHz single-core processor which is accomplished by 512Mb of RAM with 4Gb of internal RAM.

The battery back of the smartwatch is also great with 200mAh which makes the claim of processing the watch for almost 5 days in normal usage. There are certain claims that the watch will go to standby for almost 11 days if only step-tracking app is used in it. The output of the watch is almost 35 hours is the GPS works continuously.

The main motive of the Smartwatch is focused on the fitness freaks and the fitness-focused watch definitely proves to be a positive thing for that matter. The own customized OS can interact with your android device using the Mi fit App. The notification support and the payment method via the AliPay are quite interesting and impressive too with almost all the features just like the rest of the smartwatches.

The price oft the Smartwatch is pricing very impressively and is set to launch for 799 yuan and for about $120. The Smartwatch from the Xiaomi is quite impressive and is trying to achieve the market strength for the latest launch in the smartwatches segment by Xiaomi.

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