Yai Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Akshara Goes To Find Naitik! 27 September 2016 Written Updates

The last episode of Yai Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with Akshara thinking about Naitik and prays that hope he will be here with us. Later on, she gets her attention towards Naman who is not resting properly. Everyone in the house asks Naman to take rest as it is just not good for him. Karishma and Mishti get tensed for him. Then Naman gets a call and he lies to everyone there that one man tells me that Naitik is fine.

yeh-rishtaAfter this, some ladies come and greets them. Akshara welcomes them and tells them about the rituals and programme. The ladies gets happy and Akshara, Naira, and Gayu goes to get ready. They all gets ready and Mishti says that they will now perform a dance for them. They all then dance beautifully  and Kartik come there. He gets mesmerised seeing Naira and then Gayu lost in his dreams seeing him there. They finish their performance and everyone claps for them.

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Later on, Kartik is sitting beside Mishti and says that I was unable to find did Naira loves me or not. Then Kartik gets a message and he says that I have to go to meet a friend in the coffee shop. Naira doubts on him and enforces to go along. Kartik agrees and they all go to the coffee shop. Kartik gets tensed and thinks on. He then lies that his friends gets injured in an accident and is unable to come. He leaves and Naira calls her a cheat.

In the house, Naman goes somewhere when Akshara stops him saying that he need rest. Naman says that it is urgent and I have to go, he leaves. Akshara thinks about Naitik and felt cried when Naitik’s pic falls down. She says that I have to find out where is Naitik.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Akshara getting worried for Naitik and says to Naksh that she will go to get Naitik. She says that I have to find out that where is Naitik and why he is not coming back. Naman gets tensed at this and says that I will take Naitik here. Now it will be interesting to see did Akshara finds the truth about Naman. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Yai Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai like this.

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