Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Adi Warns Alia’s Fiance

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Shagun asks why Pihu is sad. Pihu says she wants phone and wants to give to Ananya. Shagun says i will bring new phone. Raman takes Alia home. Mani asks what is this. Raman says dont stare my son. He says ask your daughter what was she doing in hotel room. Aadi says Alia didnot do anything. Raman says you were saying i have not brought up Aadi with care. He blames Mani that he is at fault. Raman says i trust Aadi and i dont want a girl like this for my Aadi. He takes Aadi.

Yeh Hai MohabbateinMani slaps Alia. Shagun asks what is this and this is wrong. Mani says because of her i am bowed down. Alia says i love Aadi and still you are forcing me. Mani says i didnot do marriage because you will feel that i dont love you. Mani says this wedding will happen and no one can do anything. Alia says i have to tell Aadi. She takes out the phone and Mani asks from where you get this phone. Mani locks her in room. Shagun says i am feeling bad that Aadi is her son and i dont know who is influencing them. Shagun says this is right decision and make them marry. Aadi will forget Alia. Shagun thinka drama will start now. Lets see what will Ishita do.

Raman shouts on Aadi. Aadi requests listen to me and she took this step as everyone is forcing her. Raman says dont talk to me. Aadi says this is your mistake and you are blaming us. Aadi saya i dont want to stay in limits. He shouts we all are suffering because of you. Ishita asks is this way to talk. Aadi says you are big. He says Ishimaa you also did mistake and you made Mani and Shagun marry and because of you Mani supported Shagun. Aadi says i know Alia’s concept was wrong but we didnot have choice. Aadi says we know values and we are youngster but it doesnot mean that we are wrong. He says i behaved impulsive.

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