Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th September 2016 Written Updates Episode Video: Media Knows About Strike News

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita tells Alia loves you Mihir. Mihir says its not possible. Ishita says she confessed. Mihir remembers whatever she did for him. Ishita says she is young and her infactuation is increasing. Mihir says he has to talk to her. Ishita says no you will affect her so much and this is sensitive matter. Mihir says he likes Alia as friend. Mihir asks how can she think like this. Mihir also if Aadi knows about this thats why he is reacting like this. Ishita says yes. Mihir says Aadi has crush on Alia. He blames himself. He asks why you let me go to Shagun’s house. Ishita says yes Shagun she is the one who is root of these problems. She tells she is using Pihu and Alia to destroy me. Mihir becomes shocked.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

He says i cant believe and she has not changes yet. Mihir says office is also so disturbed and we have to take out solutions of everything. Ishita prays that Alia and Aadi both are my kids and i cant see them depressed. Shagun goes to Alia. She sits in darkness. Shagun asks what happened and why are you crying. She tells she wore Rinki’s saree and he didnot like it and shouted on her. Shagun says its ok and it will take time as its not easy. Shagun says Mihir needs you and you have to make him realises. Shagun asks Alia to take Mihir to party and he will change his mind. Alia says thank you so much. Toshi sess tie and thinks this will look nice on Bhalla ji. Roohi says this is so nice and this colour is so nice. Roohi asks what is special tomorrow. Toshi tells tomorrow is anniversary when we met first time. Roohi says this is so cute. Toshi tells story.

Roohi talks to Aadi and tells about Toshi. Aadi doesnot reacts and shouts on her. Vandu also comes and says she has made dahi vade. Aadi says he is not hungry. Toshi says let it be and may be he broke up. Raman breaks everything. He says workers are not ready to listen anything. Ishita says someone has to talk. She also tells that she told Mihir and he became so upset. Raman tells he is so worried about Aadi. Ishita says if she would not have come to office then these problems would not have arised. Shagun talks to Mihir. He doesnot talks to her and goes to room. He sees clothes. Alia comes and asks how are you feeling and her friend has birthday party and we are going there. Mihir says he is not well and he will not go. Alia says please. Mihir says doctor has asked him to rest and company is in crises and she wants him to go in party.

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