Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Video YHM: Ishita Wants Pihu Back From Shagun

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Alia gives sweets to Mani. Ishita becomes sad and Shagun sees her. Ishita asks why she is doing all this. Shagun says yes she is acting and she is challenging her to prove to all this is acting and she planned all this. Shagun asks why she is not saying anything. Ishita says she does not know the lady on which whole family trusted is as usual. She cheated family and Ishita asks why she tried to harm Pihu , its fine if she kidnapped her and tried to harm her but she should not involve Pihu. Shagun says everybody is mad of her and her children says Ishimaa everytime.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Shagun asks how she felt when no one trusted her. She says she felt so satisfaction. Ishita says she respect her as she handled her family from seven years. Ishita says why she is using Pihu against her. Shagun says she also used Aadi and Roohi against her. Ishita says she has not used them and they came to her as she behaved rudely with them. Shagun says Pihu is her daughter and she gave her birth and she can manipulate her. Ishita says she is not doing right to use Pihu and she will not walk with her as she is her mother. Shagun says no she does not knows that.

Shagun says Ishita helped him in many ways as she made her marry Mani and now she is married and if she would have fought case alone then Pihu’s custody would not have been in favour of her. Shagun also tells that Pihu will also choose her as Roohi chose Ishita. Shagun says Pihu is her daughter. Ishita asks her not to compare her with her as she is not like her as she left Raman for any other man. She left Roohi when she was so small. Ishita says she has love in her life and Roohi Aadi chose her and made her mother. She says Pihu does not have choice. Shagun thinks she has nothing now.

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