Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap YHM: Shagun Shakes Hand With Ashok

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Shagun asks Pihu to sleep with her. She sees room decorated and thinks Alia has done this. Pihu asks if she will sleep here. Shagun says yes i will not leave you alone and she is so proud of her as she came here alone. Pihu says she will do everything whatever she will say. Mani comes and listens. Shagun becomes scared and says she will take Pihu in another room and make her sleep. Mani says he does not wants to disturb them and he will sleep in another room. Shagun smiles. Mihika calls in Romy’s office and gets to know that he left for a meeting. She thinks where is he and she calls Bunty.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Bunty picks up call and Mihika asks if Romy is with him. He denies. Mihika thinks Romy is telling lie and she will catch him red handed and then he has to tell truth. Shagun orders pizza for her and Pihu. Alia becomes sad to see him doing dinner alone. Mihika thinks she will go and check Romy. Suddenly Romy comes and Mihika shouts on him as asks where was he. Romy says he was in office and Mihika also shouts on him as she called in his office and got to know he left office too early. Mihika says it was her mistake to trust him and marry him. Romy becomes angry. Mihika suddenly hugs Romy and says Akka and Raman are coming and thats why she is doing this.

Ishita asks if there is some problem. Mihika says no not at all. Romy worries that. Shagun goes to talk Pihu as Raman and Ishita came there to take Pihu. Pihu says she doesnot wants to live with Ishita. Shagun says you have to go there to teach them lesson and Ishita is bad aunty and you should also become bad with her. Shagun says irritate her too much and trouble her as she wants to separate them and says she has to fight against her. Pihu says yes she will fight for her and make Ishita out of the house. Shagun asks her not to live with peace in that house and everybody should know Shagun is her mother.

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