Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Today: Raman Avoids Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Romy warns Fiance of Alia. Mihika comes and takes them. Ishita shouts on them and says you are mad and how can you say that. Romy says we were talking with love. Mani calls Ishita. Mani says see your son is a goon and he insulted fiance of Alia. Mani says this marriage will happen and this is my last decision. Aadi cries and says i lost and i dont know what to do. Ishita says we have solution. She thinks why she didnot thought this. She says she will do everything fine. Aadi asks who. She tells Dadi of Alia. She says Mani will not deny her words. Aadi says call her. Ishita says this is problem and i dont have number of her.

Yeh Hai MohabbateinAadi shouts that he has a big problem. He become frustrated. Ishita says Amma will know and i will ask her. Raman asks why Aadi is not ready yet. He says if Aadi will not come office then he will fire him. Romy says lets go office. Ishita asks Madhu if she know anything. She says yes i have tried. Aadi and Ishita decides to go Chennai. Ishita says flight is late. Romy says what to do now. Raman takes phone and listens that i hope we will reach Chennai and stop Mani. Raman shouts on Romy and says concentrate on work. Ananya gets colour pens from Simmi. She says thank you to her. Simmi says ok we will study now. Ananya says i will study now.

Ananya takes out phone and says i will send number to all friends. Simmi comes and bring milkshake. She hides phone. Roohi calls Ishimaa and tells that Alia sent me photo and she is getting ready for the engagement. Ishita says we didnot find grandmother of Mani and what we should do. She says Raman is not with us and we cannot do this.Madhu goes and provokes Raman that he is doing as Mani wants. Mani doesnot wants Alia and Aadi to be married. She says only His dadi can stop this engagement and if you will help to find dadi then this marriage will stop and Mani will be insulted.

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