Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th September 2016 Written Episode Updates YHM Recap: Aadi Develops Sense Of Revenge

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Roohi calls Shagun and Shagun says she will pick her up from her house. Ishita sees Roohi going with Shagun. Mani comes and says he will talk to his workers. He asks workers to do work fastly and complete before date and he will surely give them extra money. Ishita says thank you to Mani. Suddenly Union leader comes and says how can you start this work. Mani says these are my workers and they are working. He says no my workers has no union. Union leader says no you all should leave. All workers goes out and Mani says what non sense is this. Mihir and Aadi worries.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Shagun drops Roohi to Nidhi’s house. She says i have some work and i will come later.Roohi goes to Nidhi. Roohi remembers how Nidhi beat her. She becomes scared. Nidhi asks her to coke in. Nidhi says Shagun told that she wanted to meet her and asks if you are not scared. Nidhi says she misses her sometimes. Roohi says she came here to request. Nidhi says tell me. She tells she wanted her to talk to Mr. Singhal as he has places some condition and we cannot work in factory of Romy. Nidhi says thats it and she asks why you think i should do this. Nidhi says fine i will do your work but this has one condition. Roohi asks which condition. Nidhi says wait here. Nidhi calls her Roohan. Nidhi brings stick and says you have not forgot this. Nidhi tells that she got to know that Roohi has become so indisciplined

Nidhi says i will tell you how to behave. She starts beating her. Ishita comes there and holds Roohi. Roohi gets shocked to see her. Roohi says see Ishimaa she is beating me. Ishita says i am sorry i cannot save you ans asks how many times i have to save you. Roohi gets shocked. Ishita asks Roohi to deal with this Nidhi and show her real power of woman. Ishita tells Roohi that Nidhi over powers you as you have allowed her to beat you. Roohi looks at Nidhi. Nidhi gets scared and says dont do that. Roohi thinks all things and starts beating her. Ishita holds Roohi and says i am proud of you. Raman gets to know what happened with Roohi. He gets restless.

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