Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th August 2016 Full Episode Written Updates YHM Recap: Ishita Will Give Pihu To Shagun

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Roohi shouts that Pihu had come. Toshi hugs her and says we will see Sajan ka sasural together and we will enjoy. Pihu says no she doesnot wish to and now she is going to her room. Toshi asks what happened to her and she never leaves episode. Raman says nothing she will change her mood and Ishita has planned trip to Hong Kong and she will become happy. Toshi says its fine you are taking her outside but she wants her normal Pihu back. Shagun worries Mani comes and asks if he can make Coffee for her. Shagun says ok. Mani says dont worry for Pihu and she will become fine.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Shagun says she came here to become his companion and she has troubled him. Mani says no its not like that. Shagun says she cannot live without Pihu. Mani says he has idea and tells we can go out for a change. Shagun says she wants to tell something and says if he dont mind can they stay in different rooms. Mani says yes i understand and i will shift to guest room. Shagun says no she will rest in guest room. Mani goes to bring coffee. Shagun thinks if Mani will be on her side then everything will be fine. Ishita remembers Pihu’s words and how she hates her and doesnot wants to come with her. Raman thinks why she is sad. Raman acts as his teeth hurting.

Ishita asks what happened. Ishita sees him and says its old problem and he has to brush twice a day. Raman says lion never brush. Ishita gives him lecture. Raman stares her. Ishita asks if he is listening. Raman smiles and holds her hand. He says her lectures make him happy and when she smiles then he smiles. Ishita says Pihu is on Raman.

Mihika gets up and sees Romy chatting with somebody and smiling. Romy says good morning to her and says not to make breakfast for him. He says he has to go to Bunty as he is having some problems in his life. Romy talks on phone again and tells her to meet in cafe. Mihika says now she will catch him. Mani asks Alia made breakfast. Shagun comes on breakfast table and says she is missing Pihu and goes to call her.

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