Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap YHM: Raman Scolds Adi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita makes soup for Roohi. She gets worried thinking whatever happened. She gets a call and says i will come soon. Raman comes and says because of you i am not taking any action against Nidhi and she has to pay for it for sure. He tells that Mihir called him and we have to go to office. She says i also got call. They goes. Everyone sits in board room and discusses. Mihir tells union has stretched the strike and this is not the way. Aadi says you should file complain against them. Mihir says no its not good idea and what we will say to police that union is not doing work. Alia says yes i agree and Mihir is right. Aadi gets angry and ask her to shut up as no one asked from her. He says he asked her to stay away from this project. Mani gets angry and says what is this and how can you talk to Alia like this. He tells she is just giving her point of view. Raman asks Aadi to say sorry to Alia. He says i will not and he leaves. Mani says its not good and he also leaves with Alia. Raman and Ishita gets worried.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman gets phone of Alia. Alia says Mihir does not like me and Aadi also hate her. She says i don’t know what to do and she was right and she should not have done this. She has lost her good friend. Raman says Ishita is not here i am on phone and Ishita is handling him. He says you did this and thats why he is like this and he cannot bear his pain. Ishita comes and takes phone. Alia says i am sorry Amma i should not have done this and whatever Mihir did was right. Alia cries and Shagun comes to her.

Alia shouts on her that why you are doing this and because of Her Mihir took this step. She says she did wrong by not understanding Ishita’s words and she rejected Aadi and Mihir Rejected her. She goes. Shagun thinks what happened with her love and what will happen with my plan now. Mihir goes to Ishita and says why you did this. Mihir says he has to do this and he has to tell Alia that this is infactuation. Ishita goes to Alia. Alia cries and Ishita asks her to lay on bed. Shagun sees them together.

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